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18.03.2018 08:08
l1br4 (av4lon,1)  
И сегодня упало такое электрописьмо в почту... ребята из EFF, Let'sEncrypt и разрабы Certbot, я с вами.

>Dear Supporter of Digital Freedom,

>I want to thank you for using the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Certbot to enable HTTPS on your webserver. Each cert brings us closer to our goal of encrypting the entire Internet and defending user privacy and free expression. I also want to thank you for signing up to learn more about EFF and the fight for your rights!

>If you did not subscribe, or did so by accident, please click here to unsubscribe.

>Certbot is part of a growing number of EFF technology projects designed to protect your online freedom. EFF helped develop Let’s Encrypt, the free SSL certificate authority expanding the availability of encryption and taking the web by storm. We created HTTPS Everywhere to help ensure that users connect to websites securely. We also maintain Privacy Badger, a free browser tool that helps hundreds of thousands of Internet users block third-party scripts and cookies that track users across the web. EFF works on the side of ordinary users and advanced developers alike because together, we can build a safer, more privacy-friendly web.

>This is just a taste of what thousands of EFF members have accomplished over the last 26 years. Here is what you will see on the EFF mailing list:

>EFFector: our bimonthly newsletter about technology, law, and your rights.

>Action Alerts: high-priority alerts when a breaking issue needs your attention.

>Special invitations to events in your area and opportunities to support EFF.

>You can also follow EFF's work on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+!

>If you like Certbot, please consider donating to EFF or becoming a member to support projects like these and help widen the path to a better digital future. Thanks!

>Fighting for your online rights,

>Aaron Jue
>EFF Development Director